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Updating embedded PDF Documents.

  1. To log into your website administration panel.
  2. Navigate to pages from the admin menu on the left panel.

On Pages section navigate to the desired page by going through the list or using the Search bar.

  1. Select the page title to start editing.

Updating Embedded Documents.

  1. When the page opens click on the Backend Editor

  1. In visual composer hover your mouse over the embedded document and select the pencil icon to update the embedded document.

  1. In the new pop up box select Text editor. See below.

  1. We first need to upload our pdf documents to the media library in order to embed the document into our webpage, so select Add Media.

  1. Next Click on the Select Files this will open a new windows explorer panel so that you can navigate to the location on your desktop and choose the pdf document that you wish to upload to the media library, once you locate the pdf document select it then Click the Open button located on the bottom right corner of the window.
  2. The document will be uploaded to your media library.
  3. Once the document has been uploaded make sure it’s selected (it will be highlighted in a blue boarder with a blue tick on the top right corner, next select and copy the document URL also known as the address then close the media library popup as shown in step 3 (see image below).

  1. In the final step we will replace the old document URL with the new document URL that we have just uploaded to the media library.

In the text box you will see the embed code, the part we need to replace is located in between the speech marks, removed the old document URL by highlighting the URL and delete, now paste the new document URL that we copied in step 10.

Next Click on the Save Changes button then the Update button located to the right side of the page.

Finally navigate to the front end of the page we just updated by clicking on the Permalink located under the page Title.

You can copy and reuse the source code below to embed any pdf document into a page/post using an iframe with scroll bars. Please don’t forget to replace the hashtag with the absolute URL address of the document you want to embed.

<div style="width: 100%; overflow: scroll;">
<iframe src="#" width="100%" height="500px" frameborder="0"></iframe>

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